Ep. 27

Morgan Chicchelly

Local Love: How Des Moines Girl is Rocking the Community

What happens when a marketer rediscovers her hometown? In this episode of the Agency Rocket Show, Liz and Chelsea are joined by Morgan Chicchelly, digital marketer and PR expert. After moving back to Des Moines from the big city, Morgan identified a gap in her locale and launched Des Moines Girl. Beginning as a small platform designed to uplift local businesses, communities, and events, Des Moines Girl experienced exponential growth in the past three years and continues to spread its reach. Fans of Schitt’s Creek will want to tune in and listen to the story of Des Moines Girl’s “Pitch a Friend” event series, which offers a refreshing twist to traditional dating events inspired by the Singles Week episode. This conversation not only explores the steady growth and innovative monetization strategies of Des Moines Girl, but also delves into Morgan’s vision for expanding the brand locally and beyond. Packed with valuable insights on consistency, having fun in your work, and the art of delegation, this story is a must-listen for anyone interested in the power of niche marketing and community building.