Ep. 23

WordPress Wizardry

The Business of Web Development With Cameron Ramaekers

In this week’s episode of The Agency Rocket Show, hosts Liz and Chelsea chat with Cameron Ramaekers, founder of Open Caret and longstanding custom WordPress developer for DayCloud. Sharing his evolution from MySpace user to entrepreneurial powerhouse, Cameron unpacks the transformation of web development practices over the years, shedding light on shifting trends, practices, and user perception. What’s the difference between working with agencies versus direct clients? How does one balance the demands of business ownership with family life? What’s skeuomorphism anyway? We answer all these questions and more as we recount Cameron's journey of continuous learning, adaptation, and the joy found in wearing multiple hats. He offers golden nuggets of advice to aspiring web developers, emphasizing the power of specialization and the critical role of fostering genuine client relationships. This episode is a treasure trove of inspiration, laden with laughs, lessons, and invaluable insights for anyone navigating the world of web development and entrepreneurship.